Implementing Total Reader

Total Reader is an easy and budget-friendly way for everyone to monitor reading progress:

In Schools

Great ways to implement Total Reader into your school environment include:

  • Reading group management based on Lexile level
  • Targeting Lexile-appropriate supplemental material based on Lexile levels
  • Monitoring reading and reading-related skills daily, weekly or monthly
  • Implementing Total Reader as part of your computer time rotation
  • Assigning Total Reader as part of homework assignments
  • Create a library for students to easily match their Lexile measure to books

At Home

Great ways to implement Total Reader into your home environment include:

  • Independently monitoring your child’s reading progress
  • Knowing which books to target when going to the library or bookstore

For Tutors

Great ways to implement Total Reader as a tutor:

  • Easily monitoring the current reading level of each of your students
  • Targeting Lexile-appropriate supplemental material
  • Using the Lexile data as part of your progress reports provided to the parents of your students

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