What Users Are Saying About Total Reader


“When I was first introduced to Total Reader two years ago, I was thrilled to find an interactive online learning resource that would provide my students with a reading diagnostic and regular practice utilizing the time-tested cloze procedure, one that I knew to stimulate active reading strategies and improve comprehension. Furthermore, measuring adult students' reading level in Lexiles (not grade levels) and matching them with outside research articles or books for pleasure reading at their reading level was another first for mature learners. Finally, the ability for students, faculty, and administrators to track reading improvement throughout the semester; watching their Lexiles rise with practice, made this site and unheard of resource in the college setting and one I was determined to bring to my campus."

-Inna Newbury, Professor of Reading


“My Middle child, a third grader, has academic issues, especially with reading. However, this year he has made tremendous progress. In a recent parent conference his teacher gave most of the credit to Total Reader. Since using Total Reader late last fall he has jumped over 350 Lexiles and it shows in his other schoolwork. Most importantly for me, he enjoys reading now. It used to be a fight to get him to read anything! I like and understand the research behind Lexiles, but from my experience HOW the scores are generated is very important. My son's teacher now uses Total Reader for her own tenth-grade son."

-Al Solano, Parent/ Director of Federal Programs


“I like Total Reader because after I read one of the books (passages) I selected I get a score and I like to know what level I am on and where I am in the reading levels!"

-Fourth Grade Student

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