How Total Reader Works

Getting started is easy, as no special training is required. The following is a brief outline of how Total Reader works, from a student-user perspective. Or if you prefer, launch a sample session and complete a passage yourself!

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Step 1: Choose a Passage!

Total Reader puts students in control. First choose fiction or nonfiction. Then choose a topic!

Step 2: Fill in The Blanks!

As you read, watch for the missing words! For each missing word, you will see four possible answers. Choose the best word to "fill in the blank." Take all the time you need. It usually takes about 10 minutes to finish a passage.

Step 3: Real Time Results!

When you finish a passage, you will get a reading score. Your score is called a "Lexile measure." Each time you read a passage, you will find out your Lexile measure. Sometimes your score will go up. Other times it may go down. Over time, your score should go up as your reading level grows.

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